Introduction to Internal Medicine

Jiangsu Cancer Hospital Internal Medicine is one of the earliest founded oncology departments in China. It has a history of over 50 years. Currently, there are 346 approved beds. There are 8 hospitalized wards, 1 day care ward, 1 laminar flow ward and 2 comprehensive wards and 21 treatment groups in total. There are 228 medical staff and 72 doctors, including 19 chief physicians, 22 deputy chief physicians and 24 doctorates. There are four medical treatment centers for lung cancer, digestive tract cancer, breast cancer and malignant lymphoma.

The department is the key clinical specialty of Jiangsu Province, the first batch of demonstration wards of standardized cancer pain treatment of the Ministry of Health, and the national clinical trial institution of new drugs. It is the only cancer chemotherapy center in Jiangsu Province. It was awarded Jiangsu Provincial Quality Nursing Service Demonstration Ward and “Youth Civilization Unit” of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. More than 30,000 patients were admitted over a year. Cancer cases include lung cancer, gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, breast cancer, esophageal and head and neck cancer, hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors, urogenital tumors, lymphoma, malignant melanoma, bone and soft tissue tumors, etc. Since the department became the national clinical trial institution of new drugs in 2005, it has completed more than 1,000 clinical trials of new drugs at home and abroad, benefiting more than 20,000 patients.

Over the years, the department has been focused on the research and development of new technologies and methods of clinical diagnosis and treatment. In 1998, it initiated low-dose 5-FU, doxorubicin and other therapeutic schemes in China. In 2000, it took the lead in the research of gene-guided individual therapy in China, and initiated the pioneer of gene-guided drug use in China. These results have been widely used in clinical practice. At present, gene-guided individualized therapy, real-time monitoring of chemotherapeutic drug concentration, chronochemotherapy, deep hyperthermia, high-dose chemotherapy supported by autologous bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells, low-dose prolonged-time chemotherapy, nutritional assessment and intervention of cancer patients are the characteristics of our department. With advanced treatment concept and standardized treatment technology, the department brings the greatest survival benefits to the majority of cancer patients.

The department takes clinical diagnosis and treatment as the core, and develops synchronously with teaching and scientific research. It is the training point of master, doctor and post-doctor in Nanjing Medical University and other medical colleges and universities. In the past 30 years, more than 1000 oncology specialist refresher doctors have been trained inside and outside the province. Currently, the department undertakes the training task of standardized diagnosis and treatment of oncology in Jiangsu Province. Over the years, eleven sessions of Jiangsu Cancer Chemotherapy Congress (now known as Jiangsu Cancer Medical Congress) and the National Follow-up Class on the Progress of Digestive Cancer Therapy have been held at the department. The Zijin Forum on Lung Cancer, the Zijin Forum on Breast Cancer and the Zijin Forum on Lymphoma are the characteristic academic platforms sponsored by the department over the years. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 20 national and provincial natural funds and published more than 200 academic papers, including more than 100 SCI papers. It has published 2 academic monographs as editors and 6 as deputy editors. It has won 2 Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Awards, 4 Nanjing Science and Technology Progress Awards, and more than 10 Medical New Technology Introduction Awards of Jiangsu Health Planning Commission.

The department is a member of the oncology Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, the chairman-designate of the oncology clinical chemotherapy Committee of the Chinese Anti-cancer Association, the vice-chairman of the oncologist branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the vice-chairman of the Editorial Committee of the oncologist professional periodically assessed by the national physicians, the professional group of anti-neoplastic drugs specialists of the National Health Planning Commission, the former director of the Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association, the director unit of the Chemotherapy Committee of Jiangsu Anti-Cancer Association, the affiliated unit of the Medical Quality Control Center of Jiangsu Oncology Department and editorial boards of various core magazines at home and abroad.

The department will work hand in hand with you to create miracles with professional, standardized and individualized treatment mode, rigorous work style and enthusiastic and meticulous service.