The Department of Pain Management

The department of pain management of jiangsu cancer hospital, formerly known as the first specialized cancer pain clinic in jiangsu province, was founded in 1994. It is composed of multi-disciplinary medical staff, follows the WHO three-step analgesic treatment principle, and implements a multi-disciplinary comprehensive treatment model for cancer pain, with an annual outpatient volume of 4700 people. Cancer pain specialist outpatient service not only in the development of standardized cancer pain treatment, anesthetic drug management, cancer pain patients follow-up, cancer pain minimally invasive interventional treatment and other work in the forefront of the country, but also to provide regular patrol and door-to-door services and other characteristics of diagnosis and treatment.

In March 2009, the department of pain management was established on the basis of cancer pain specialist outpatient service in jiangsu cancer hospital, which is the second specialized department of cancer hospital. The department successfully created the first "national health and family planning commission good pain management (GPM) demonstration unit" in 2012, and successfully created the first "health and family planning committee of jiangsu province good pain management (GPM) demonstration unit" in 2013. Otherthen, the department in 2012 won the Chinese medical association "cancer pain treatment center" for qualification. In 2018, it was listed as one of the first "standardized diagnosis and treatment demonstration bases for refractory pain" in China by China cancer hospital alliance and China association for standardized diagnosis and treatment of refractory pain. The department is the Chinese association of cancer rehabilitation and palliative care committee member units, China experienced branch of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine institute of member units, the Chinese medical association, deputy director of pain pain pain branch committee member units, the Chinese society of clinical oncology treatment rehabilitation and support professional committee member units, China association of life care pain pain diagnosis and treatment of professional committee member units, jiangsu province medical association professional committee member units, jiangsu province association of cancer rehabilitation and palliative care committee, pain in jiangsu province combine traditional Chinese and western medicine professional committee member units, jiangsu province professional committee of Chinese medicine societies needle knifeUnit, member of the multi-disciplinary cooperative study group of tumor diagnosis and treatment, translational medicine branch of jiangsu society of immunology, vice chairman of pain science branch of nanjing medical association and leader of cancer pain science group.

The department existing 10 beds. And medical personnels of pain specialist, oncology, nutrition and clinical pharmacy all participate in clinical work, gradually formed a "palliative care, pain treatment, nutritional support, pharmaceutical guidance (services), psychological support for the characteristics of the multidisciplinary treatment pattern, especially in pain management, comprehensive assessment of pain, opioid drugs all the PCA accurate titration, pain medication, minimally invasive interventional therapy, nutritional assessment and intervention, psychological assessment and intervention and middle-late tumor palliative care, symptom management experience. There are one associate chief physician, one chief physician and one Ph.D. in the department. They are mainly engaged in basic research, clinical diagnosis and treatment work, especially good at intractable pain minimally invasive interventional treatment, patients with advanced tumors, including end-stage cancer patients hospice palliative treatment etc. It receives and treats more than 100  cancer pain patients every year.

The Department mainly carry out the pain of minimally invasive interventional diagnosis and treatment projects including percutaneous vertebral body and osteoplasty, epidural or subarachnoid drug infusion channels implantation, spinal dorsal, root, ganglion neurolysis, thoracic sympathetic ganglion and lumbar sympathetic ganglion neurolysis, solar plexus neurolysis, inferior mesenteric plexus neurolysis, superior hypogastric plexus neurolysis, odd ganglion neurolysis, intercostals nerve neurolysis, trigeminal semilunar junction neurolysis, glossopharyngeal nerve neurolysis, the butterfly palate ganglion neurolysis, beside the stellate ganglion neurolysis and neck thoracolumbar anesthesia, all kinds of nerve and nerve plexus block, radioactive particle implantation, the tumor treatment technology such as chemical/physical ablation.

In addition, the department also carries out symptomatic treatment, nutritional support, psychological counseling, palliative treatment and humanistic care for patients with advanced cancer, in order to alleviate the pain of patients, improve the quality of life of patients, and maintain the dignity of life of patients.