The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Jiangsu Cancer Hospital is the first demonstration Chinese medicine department and national TCM demonstration unit in Jiangsu Province. It is the top and nationally recognized comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center for Chinese and Western medicine in the province.

The department specializes in the comprehensive treatment of middle and late stage tumors with traditional Chinese medicine. The patients with chemotherapy are advocated according to the three stages of chemotherapy before, during and after chemotherapy. The patients with radiotherapy injury emphasize the prevention and treatment, and advocate the synergy and attenuation for patients with targeted therapy. Focus on rehabilitation and treatment for rehabilitation patients. On the basis of oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine, at the same time, full use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, bathing, acupuncture, acupoint stimulation and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments, customized patients with the most appropriate treatment for treatment, complementary advantages of Chinese and Western medicine, in order to maximize the efficacy of patients, state Optimization, minimization of toxicity, and longest life, effectively improve the quality of life of patients and prolong survival.

The department is the vice chair of the World Federation of Cancer Treatment Committee, the vice chairman of the Traditional Medicine Committee of the Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, the director of the Nanjing Chinese Medicine Association, and the governing unit of the Jiangsu Association of Integrative Medicine. The Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Oncology Branch, China Anti-Cancer Association, Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, Provincial Association of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine on Cancer, and other professional committee members.

There are 51 beds in the department and 12 doctors, including 2 chief physicians, 5 deputy chief physicians, 1 attending physician and 4 resident doctors. All of them have bachelor degree or above, including 1 postdoctoral fellow, 2 doctoral students, and 2 masters. name. It is the only multidisciplinary clinic in the province that treats malignant tumors with integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

Research introduction

The department adheres to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and carries out traditional Chinese medicine combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeting, surgery, minimally invasive treatment of advanced malignant tumors and complications, and the traditional Chinese medicine "treatment of disease" rehabilitation concept runs through the prevention and individualized comprehensive treatment and Basic research is always. In the treatment of chemotherapy after bone marrow suppression, refractory hiccups, neuritis, diarrhea, constipation, radiation rhinitis, radiation pneumonitis, radiation enteritis, postoperative gastrointestinal dysfunction, physical and sweaty patients are unique. In the past five years, he has published more than 50 papers in domestic core journals and SCI journals. Published "Traditional Chinese Medicine Oncology", "Medicinal Treatment of Malignant Tumors", "Tumor Rehabilitation and Medicinal Diet", "Retrospective Collection of Clinical Clinical Experience", "Analysis of Clinical Application of Malignant Tumor Related Therapy", etc.; and Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Southeast The university and other cooperation undertake a number of joint projects, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and hosted the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department, and the Nanjing Science and Technology Project. The establishment of the provincial-level Gu Kuixing famous old Chinese medicine studio is a national-level teacher training disciplinary unit.