Surgical oncology nursing

Oncology surgery has a vibrant and vigorous nursing team. There are 5 departments consisted of 8 wards (Gynecology, Head and Neck Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Intensive Care Unit), which have 344 beds and 124 nursing staff. There is 1deputy director nurse, 18 chief nurses, and 105 primary nurses. 89.5% of the total nurse staff has college education background or above. Among them 22 nurses have undergraduate education background, while 89 nurses have college degree.

As a provincial-level tertiary cancer hospital, we focus on providing quality, efficient and humanized nursing services, and pay more attention to internal quality management. In the perioperative nursing of cancer in the province and even in China, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, and by learning from the concept of wound care abroad, the responsible nurse supply whole process of surgical wounds, which helps alleviating the postoperative wound pain of the patient and promoting wound healing, and successfully reduce the chance of infection. We have explored the study of new clinical nursing techniques - perioperative care of unilateral pulmonary circulatory block. We have cooperated with some major and new surgical care, such as surgery (including autologous and allogeneic lung transplantation) for lung cancer with large blood vessels invaded, bronchial sleeve resection of lung cancer, double sleeve resection of bronchopulmonary artery surgery, prominal tracheal tumor resection surgery, complex mediastinal tumor resection surgery, ostomy care (including colostomy, bladder spasm care). Among them, the new three-tube method for the treatment of postoperative anastomotic leakage of esophagus and cardiac cancer is initiated in our hospital.