Tumor radiotherapy care

There are more than 90 nurses in the radiotherapy department, including 1 deputy director nurse, 29 chief nurses and 28 nurses, while 15 of them have undergraduate education background, and 54 with college degree. Nurses are distributed in General radiotherapy ward, Gynecologic oncology radiotherapy ward, Radiotherapy projection and endovascular treatment room.

The radiotherapy department nurses insist on patient-oriented, on the basis of respecting, understanding and caring for patients, strive to provide patients with warm and thoughtful humanized service. We respect the patient's personal dignity, and pay attention to the patient's personality and psychological needs to maximize satisfaction for physical and psychological needs of the patient. High-quality civilized services are advocated: health knowledge propaganda and education are given through admission, work breaks, blackboard reports, etc; through the combination of individual and centralized education, to enable patients to understand and master the knowledge of nursing and self-care before, during and after radiotherapy, and timely to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy through nursing intervention, and work together with physicians and technicians to make the patient successfully complete the treatment process. As a provincial key discipline, the technical team has undertaken the training of radiation therapy technicians in Jiangsu Province and an average of 20-30 technicians are trained each year. At the same time, we also undertake the clinical teaching tasks of the imaging major of Nanjing Medical University and the radiotherapy technician of Jiangsu Health Vocational College. In addition, we select head nurses each year to assist in the establishment of radiotherapy departments throughout the province to guide local radiotherapy technology work.