Introduction to the Intravenous Therapy Nursing Clinic (PICC Management/Maintenance)

Tumor patients have long course of disease, serious illness, long treatment period, and poor vascular conditions, which is prone to phlebitis, drug extravasation and other dangerous situations. The establishment and maintenance of venous access is called the lifeline of patients. In order to alleviate the patient's pain and achieve the effect of "one needle to complete the treatment", our hospital started the deep vein catheterization technology in the early 1990s, and now has formed a professional intravenous treatment nursing team. In February 2010, the PICC maintenance specialist nursing clinic was established. In May 2012, the PICC placement specialized nursing clinic was established. It is the early vascular channel center team established in Jiangsu Province. It has 2 dedicated vascular ultrasounds helps with accurate vascular positioning, and 1 ECG guiding and positioning device. The annual PICC placement amount is more than 5,000 cases, the maintenance volume is more than 10,000 times, and the consultation is thousands of times. In recent years, the intravenous therapy nursing team has carried out a number of new technologies, introducing ultrasound-guided modified Sedinger catheterization, intracavitary electrocardiographic catheter tip positioning technology, breaking through difficulty one by one. A number of nation-level intravenous therapy classes were held to communicate with scholars domestic and abroad, and intravenous training was carried out through multiple channels such as counterpart support and online platforms to cover medical units at all levels within and outside Jiangsu Province.

Team introduction:There are 26 members in the team, and all of them are qualified for intravenous therapy, which includes 4 provincial-level specialist nurses.
Treatment Time:Monday to Friday
Location:PICC placement clinic on 2th floor of outpatient department; PICC maintaining clinic on 3th floor of outpatient department

  • Name:Chen Chuanying
    Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
    Professional title: Chief nurse
    speciality: The head nurse of the outpatient specialist nursing group, and she has been engaged in oncology nursing and intravenous therapy for more than 30 years. She has rich clinical experience in the management of critical illness patients, the management of difficult cases and the treatment of difficult complications. She is also the head of the hospital hydrotherapy consultation team who has won a new technology introduction award from the Jiangsu Provincial Health Department, and presided over a hospital-level project.。
  • Name:Shi Ruchun
    Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
    Professional title: co-chief superintendent nurse
    specialty: SHe has been engaged in oncology care and intravenous therapy for many years, and has rich clinical experience in oncology nursing, vascular access management and intravenous therapy. She is Jiangsu Provincial Oncology Nurse, and member of Jiangsu Cancer Care Professional Committee, director of Jiangsu Provincial Oncology Nurse Training Base, full-time specialist nurse of hospital vascular access consultation center, member of hospital intravenous treatment consultation group. She has published more than ten papers and presided over two subjects at the hospital level.