Introduction to Lymphedema Clinic

Tumor-associated lymphedema is one of the major complications after surgery in patients with breast cancer and gynecologic tumors, which seriously affects the quality of life. The incidence of tumor-associated lymphedema is reported to be 20%-30%. In order to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and promote the development of specialist nursing, expand the scope of special nursing clinics in our hospital, Lymphedema Clinic was established in January 2015. It is the first lymphedema clinic in Jiangsu Province to carry out the new technology of lymphatic edema and manual drainage. Specialist nurses in Lymphedema Clinic have received training in the treatment of lymphedema of experts from Shanghai, Japan, France and other countries. It undertakes the theory and clinical practice teaching work for the training base for oncology nurses in Jiangsu Province. At present, dozens of patients with lymphedema have been treated, and all have achieved good therapeutic results, with patient satisfaction reaching 100%.
Team introduction: There are 7 members in the lymphatic edema treatment team, including 2 international enterostomal therapists (ET) and 5 oncology specialist nurses. One of the team members has a master's degree and the other six have bachelor's degree. All team members have undergone professional training in the treatment of lymphedema combined with swelling.
Treatment Time:Monday to Friday
Location:Lymphedema treatment room on 11th floor of Building 1

  • Name:Yang Lifang
    Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
    Professional title: co-chief superintendent nurse
    speciality: She established the first ostomy specialist nursing clinic in Jiangsu Province, engaged in wound ostomy specialist treatment for more than 20 years, specializing in drug ulcers, radiation-damaged wounds, refractory wounds, lymphedema, intestinal stoma, urinary stoma and its complications Handling, She has gone to Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places to learn how to treat the lymphatic edema comprehensive swelling treatment technology, and participated in the curriculum design of Nanjing International Stomatology School. She was accredited by the World Association of Ostomy Therapists for the International Ostomy, Wound, Incontinence Specialist (ET); the first WCET International Stoma Therapist in Jiangsu Province and obtained the Certificate of Lymphedema Treatment. She is member of the World Ostomy Therapist Association, Jiangsu Deputy Director of the Provincial Oral Wound Professional Committee.
  • Name:Chen Fang
    Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
    Professional title: co-chief superintendent nurse
    specialty: Master of Nursing, who has rich clinical experience in the treatment of cancer patients and lymphedema. She is a Jiangsu Provincial Oncology Nurse, National Secondary Psychological Counselor, and has received training from French lymphedema experts, and training on comprehensive swelling treatment of lymphedema in and outside the province. She has a certificate of lymphedema treatment qualification, and has published more than 10 related papers, presided over and participated in five topics in and outside the hospital.