Introduction to Oncology Nursing Specialist Clinic

Cancer patients need long-term repeated treatment and lack of knowledge such as home care after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, rehabilitation care and various catheter care. In February 2010, our hospital established Oncology Nursing Specialist Clinic. Now we have trained 13 specialist nurses in specialized diseases to provide individualized service and develop individualized rehabilitation care programs.
Team introduction: There are 13 members, and all of them have obtained the Jiangsu Provincial Cancer Nursing Specialist Nurse Certificate. One of the team members has a postgraduate degree, and the rest have undergraduate degrees.
Treatment Time:Thursday morning
Location:4th Floor of Outpatient Department

  • Name:Shi Ruchun
    Department: Outpatient nursing specialists
    Professional title: co-chief superintendent nurse
    specialty: SHe has been engaged in oncology care and intravenous therapy for many years, and has rich clinical experience in oncology nursing, vascular access management and intravenous therapy. She is Jiangsu Provincial Oncology Nurse, and member of Jiangsu Cancer Care Professional Committee, director of Jiangsu Provincial Oncology Nurse Training Base, full-time specialist nurse of hospital vascular access consultation center, member of hospital intravenous treatment consultation group. She has published more than ten papers and presided over two subjects at the hospital level.